American Blackguard

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client: Clay Stafford & American Blackguard
made working under: Hey! Digi Marketing*
year: 2022
platform: Squarespace
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American Blackguard is an independent film, television, stage, music, event, and publishing company - owned and run by Clay Stafford, who also founded and heads up Killer Nashville. the previous version of the American Blackguard website was built on Wordpress, but for the new website, Clay wanted to have the site built on a more user-friendly platform. we landed on using Squarespace, which is a great platform for both ease of use as well as making a professional looking website.

along with rebuilding the website on Squarespace, we consolidated other related websites that Clay owned into the new American Blackguard site, such as the website for “One of the Miracles: The Inge Meyring Smith Story” - a feature length documentary about the Meyring Smith, a German Holocaust survivor.

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