here's a small selection of some of the websites I have worked on over the years. take a look at each project for an in-depth project description and additional screenshots. |

American Blackguard

project description: American Blackguard is an independent film, television, stage, music, event, and publishing company - owned and run by Clay Stafford, who also founded and heads up Killer Nashville.

Email Marketing

project description: over the years, I’ve had the privelege of working on email marketing for a wide variety of clients with very different needs, some of which I also helped out with designing their websites.

Fifth and Cherry Designs

project description: Fifth and Cherry Designs started as an independent cabinetry business by cabinet maker James Reazor in 1984 and was eventually brought under the Fifth and Cherry branding that his son and daughter-in-law use to produce their beautiful timeless cutting boards.

The Infrared Room

project description: The Infrared Room is an extension of Temple Fitness, located in Franklin, Tennessee, that offers workouts and wellness/recovery sessions in private infrared saunas.

Rosieʼs Cantina

project description: Rosie’s Cantina is a chain of Mexican Restaurants located in Huntsville and Florence, Alabama. Rosie’s is a local favorite in the Huntsville area so we knew we had to pull out all of the stops when designing their website.

Bowen Bootwear

project description: Bowen Bootwear is the passion project of Dustin Bowen - creating custom boots that both lean on tradition while also forging a new path in the boot industry.

Killer Nashville

project description: Killer Nashville is the premier forum for all genres incorporating mystery, thriller, suspense, action, or romance elements; learn, present, meet agents & editors, sign books, mingle with forensic experts, and network.

Personal Portfolio

project description: it’s been a while since I last had or updated my own portfolio website, so now is as good of a time as any to make a new one.

Phoenix Handlebars

project description: Jason, the owner of Phoenix Handlebars, was looking to move his business’s website from Squarespace to Shopify, as well as give it a design refresh.

*All works presented in this portfolio that were created while employed by other companies are the intellectual property of those respective companies. The projects showcased here are intended for demonstration purposes only and do not imply ownership, authorization, or endorsement by the previous employers.